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What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Kitchen Cabinets

Ready to Assemble Cabinets in Nairobi

This will guide you when purchasing new kitchen cabinets or renovating a lot less intimidating!


1. Do you want custom cabinets? (Depending on the finish this will impact the pricing)

This particular finish is the best because of its anti-corrosion and
heat-resistance properties.

Veneered cabinetry is affordable, and more cost-effective than solid wood, while still looking stunning and allowing you to showcase the beautiful natural patterns of the wood grain.

This material is very durable and scratch-resistant, making it an ideal material for kitchen cabinets.

These are very tough and last longer. They are highly resistant to chipping and flaking off, which is a tremendous advantage when it comes to durability

2. Appliance Sizes? 

3. Sink Size & Type?

Single-Bowl Sink

Double-Bowl Sink

Undermount Stainless Still Sink

Stainless Steel Sink – Top Mount

Granite Composite Sink – Top Mount Double  Bowl

Farmhouse Sink – Undermount

Kitchen Island Sink – Undermount

Kitchen Sink With Drainboard ( Single Basin Single Drain)

4.  laminated, PVC foil Wrap or spray-painted cabinets?

5.  Cabinet color?

6. Wall Cabinets to match the base cabinets?

7. What do you want on the front of the cabinet doors?

8. Glass fronts or frosted fronts?

9. Hardware color?

10. Hardware style?

11. Hardware on all of your cabinets to match?

12. How deep do you want your cabinets?

13. Ceiling Height Cabinets?

14. More cabinets or more drawers?

15. Inbuilt or free-standing appliances

16. Kitchen cabinets Lighting

17. Countertops colour?

18. Countertops Material? 

19. Edging style of the countertop?  

20. Backsplash countertop or tiling?

21. Project timelines

22. Is Installation included in the order? Installation of just cabinets? Just countertops?

23. Accessories


23. Accessories?

Lazy Susan

Pull Out pantry

Wine Rack

Spice rack

Built-In Dustbin

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Kitchen Cabinets

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