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Bedroom Wardrobes & Bedroom Furniture in Nairobi, Kenya

Built in wardrobes are the game changer for storage in bedrooms. With their bespoke designs, they fit into a room design perfectly ensuring maximum use of space With Techno Wood Limited Kitchen and Cabinets Kenya we ensure that our clients benefit from fitted wardrobe’s that are tailor made to suite their needs and ensure maximum use of space for an organized clean and clutter free bedroom.
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      BESPOKE wardrobe designs

      Sliding Door Wardrobes

      Sliding wardrobes can fit into any space whatsoever. They are space-efficient wardrobe designs compared to swing doors, which take more space. Sliding wardrobes are the best pick to save on space.

      Hinged Wardrobes

      Hinged wardrobes offer easy access & ample storage solution. The most exciting thing about this wardrobes is that the back of their doors can be used to hang a mirror on or for extra storage space. They are very efficient and a stylish.

      Glass Wardrobes

      Glass wardrobes are stylish wardrobes that provide captivating look and elegance to the room. This makes them unique and dazzling, Glass wardrobes instantly elevate the bedroom’s aesthetic appeal in general. Transform your room with a fine glass wardrobe installation.

      Built-in Wardrobes

      Fitted wardrobes complements the interiors with ease. This gives you freedom to adjust the internal configuration and customize the storage accessories according to your personal needs. They create more space for your stuff and offers space efficiency and a style statement.

      Mirror Wardrobes

      Mirrors create space illusion. If you have a small room, mirror wardrobes can be a superb choice for you. They make your bedroom look twice as large with this wardrobe design. The bouncing light from the mirror provides an appealing touch to the room.

      Single Wardrobes

      Single wardrobes are efficient and functional for small bedrooms because they provide effective storage space to keep your belongings neatly arranged and twice as convenient. Single wardrobes are excellent and  hold all of your necessities, keeping the entire stuff well organized.

      Open Wardrobe

      Open wardrobes are both spacious and appealing and could uplift your room’s interior in general. We incorporate open shelves and clothing rails which makes them a more practical  wardrobe choice.

      Corner Wardrobes

      Corner wardrobes provide an excellent storage solution for an otherwise empty space. They are designed to fit exactly in the corners of your chosen room making the most of a room’s problematic space by changing it into great storage space and  maximize your storage space.

      Walk-in Wardrobes

      Walk-in Wardrobes designed to maximize every space thus increased storage space, clutter-free bedroom, better organization, bespoke & customized to your needs. This choice gives you a matching style and class with luxury and comfort.


      Double Door Wardrobe

      The nicest thing about built-in double door wardrobes is that you fully contribute to their design. Double door wardrobes coordinates with the rest of your home in terms of finishes and style. Simple and sleek double wardrobes can add a touch of elegance to your room’s interior & incorporate graceful design elements as well.

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